Takeout & Delivery Menu


buffalo fried chicken - $10

pickle & buttermilk brined chicken w/ anaheim buffalo sauce, slaw & pickles 

roast beef sandwich- $13

roast beef, caramelized onions, cheddar, horseradish mayo

mushroom sandwich - $11

oyster mushrooms, valdeon dressing, radicchio



small bites and salads

pan con tomate - $8

baguette, garlic, beefsteak tomatoes (add Jamon + $3)

daily mixed green salad - $9

cucumber and radish salad - $8

cucumbers, radishes, almonds, preserved lemon, sesame vinaigrette

Dine In Menus

Daily Menu

In addition to the meats and fine food products, we offer an ever-changing variety of prepared foods made daily.

Below is a sample menu.


K2 Milling wheatberries dressed in orange vinaigrette with piquillo peppers, pistachios, and pickled red onions

Roasted cauliflower with salsa de anchoas, parmigiano- reggiano, and fried bread crumbs 

Mini red potato salad with sour cream, tallow, tarragon, capers, and castelvetrano olives 

Roasted brussels sprouts with iberian pancetta vinaigrette, caramelized onions, and fried almonds

Kabocha squash with walnut salsa macha, sesame seeds, and cilantro 


Potato and Leek with Créme Fraiche

Roasted Chicken and root Vegetables 


Montreal steak spiced beef short-rib with salsa verde and extra old cheddar

Jamón serrano and manchego cheese 

Spicy marinated oyster mushrooms with radicchio and valdeón dressing

Escabeche chicken with hazelnut romesco 

By the Slice

Tortilla espagnole with piquillo pepper jam

Coca- Catalan flatbread with roasted garlic, speck, and charred tomato

Galician meat pie with roasted pork, sultana raisins, and manchego cheese

House Lasagna

From the Rotisserie

Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Lamb

Rotisserie Pork


Sunday Brunch

Join us every Sunday from 9am to 3pm ​for a family brunch.

Below is a sample menu.

Spanish Toasts - Pinchos (2pc)

Chorizo, Quail Egg & Guindilla Peppers - 10

Fresh Ricotta & Wildflower Honey - 8

Roasted Tomato Jam & Boquerone - 8 

Double Smoked Bacon, Medjool Date, & Valdeon Blue Cheese - 9

Iceberg Wedge Salad, Ajo Blanco, Pomegranate, & Dill - 13

Roasted Squash Salad, Pecans, Brown Butter, & Croutons - 13

Charred Rapini, Poached Egg, Chillies, Fried Garlic, & Hollandaise - 14

Cured Trout, Créme Fraiche, Herbs, & Toast - 17

Beef Tartare, Sunchoke, Egg Yolk, & Truffle Oil - 18

Roasted Pork Belly, Potatoes Bravas, & Fried Egg - 14

Fideos, Crispy Jamón, Peas, Mussels, & Aioli - 22

Bavette Steak, Salsa Verde, Candied Piquillo, & Fried Egg - 18


Bosc Pear & Cheddar Galette - 6

Chocolate Crémeux, Banana, & Boozy Caramel - 9